Sorry to leave everyone on such a downer note for the weekend — I’m much better now! Wow. I just hit scan on my stereo remote (which Tim so thoughtfully hooked up for me this weekend) and they were playing “Hero” by the Foo Fighters. I kinda like that song. Now, they are playing this terrible song that sounds like a cover of Michael Jackson song. Oh God. I think it is. Scan, again!

Yay, KDHX, player of obscure country-rock tunes!

So, anyway, I’m still pregnant. Obviously. Only one more week till my due date, she said wryly. I’m officially in sitting-on-my-behind, watching-movies mode. So far, since going to see A.I. in an actual theater (which turned out to be very expensive, for a matinee), I’ve watched The Emperor’s New Groove (don’t ask), Unbreakable, You Can Count On Me and Red Planet.

“She’s Tight”! This DJ rocks my pregnant bootie. And can I be a little more random, but what is up with “bootylicious”? Ever since seeing those girls do their Farrah-Fawcett thing during the NBA Finals’ halftime show, I have been scratching my head over that one. Stuff like that makes me feel really old. None of the bands I like sing songs about their booties.

So, back to the movies. Liked Unbreakable and You Can Count On Me, thought Emperor’s New Groove was very David Spade-ish (i.e., mildly humorous) and could not believe how bad Red Planet was. What the heck was Carrie-Anne Moss thinking? And Tim loses movie selection priviledges for a while.

My dogs are singing you all a little song. For no apparent reason. But it’s very loud.

Nothing happened this weekend, in case you couldn’t tell. We just stayed home and tried not to spend money. I swear, every single bill we have is due at the beginning of the month. I woke up at 4 a.m. Sunday morning and had a few contractions, but they went away and I fell asleep about 5:30. That’s it. The way the baby is moving around in there, you would think he’s having a going-away party or something. Maybe he’s taking his umbilical cord for one last spin around the ole uterus. Time to come out!

Tim said last night that he really feels that this week is going to be “the week.” Let’s hope his intuition is sharper than mine, because I have no idea…