It is amazing how hard it is to get online for more than five minutes when you have a baby.

I mean, there’s no time for anything! I haven’t yet showered today! Ew, but true.

Things are going great with August, thanks for asking. He was up to seven pounds, six ounces last Friday morning, which pleased the doc and amazed me. He’s getting bigger every day! Tim estimates that he has passed the eight pound mark now, considering the increased strain on our arms and backs lately.

As far as my breastfeeding woes go, by last Thursday, I had decided to give up the whole thing and just go with formula. I mean, hey, I was raised on formula and I turned out alright, right? The whole two-hour nursing/bottle/pumping regimen was sucking my soul dry in a big way, and I was beginning to dread every feeding. And that’s definitely not how I want to feel right now. My sister-in-law (mother of three great kids) sagely said, ‘They’re only this little for such a short time. Enjoy him!’

Thanks, Katrina.

By that afternoon, though, I just decided to stop pumping. I’d keep nursing at each feeding, then give him a bottle of formula. And that was such a relief.

So now, I’m pumping an average of twice a day, usually when he’s had a big bottle and hasn’t nursed in a while. But since he’s been going through his four week growth spurt, that hasn’t been very often. Dios mio! A month, already?! I can’t believe what a blur it’s been. What’s going on in the world anyway? Every one’s been celebrating August Clauss Month for the past four weeks, right?

Funny story: Today, I was making a diaper wipes run to Wal-Mart and I was so involved with talking to August (yes, I’m a wierdo stared at by strangers), I nearly forgot to take my purchases from the cashier! Actually, I totally forgot, but she called after me before I got too far out the door. Who knew my forgetfulness could get any worse than it was during my pregnancy? The funniest part: August was completely asleep and I was still chattering away to him. Heaven help me.

I hope you all are enjoying the new site. Tim has worked so hard on it — late at night, early in the morning — i.e., times he should be sleeping. Let’s hear it for Tim!

August is now making smiley-faces at me! Mostly, it’s in his sleep, but he has the cutest dimples! I can’t wait until he smiles for real. He’s going to be a stunner.

In other news: My grandfather died last week, which made for an interesting weekend of travel and funeral and all. Let me just say, for those of you who smoke, that dying of emphysema is one of the worst ways to go. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And it’s terrible for your family — you become such a burden. Please quit. I’ve heard that lung cancer isn’t much better.