My Auggie is sick today. He’s been running a fever of 102 degrees. He has no other symptoms, other than the listlessness that comes with having a fever. Poor little guy. I hate it when he’s sick. (Even if it means that he’s a little less active, he’s still 10 times as clingy.)

The only way he would nap today is in my arms. While that is fun for nostalgia’s sake — in reality, not so fun.

The really crappy thing is that we had a playgroup yesterday. (I swear he wasn’t sick then, guys!) Of course, all the young ‘uns were sharing sippy cups and eating each others’ snacks off the ground and whatnot. I just hope none of them gets it. (crosses fingers)

We even went to MoKaBe’s last night. That’s how completely surprised I was by this illness! We hung out and I drank 2 iced lattes. I was surprised that I had such a hard time sleeping last night. Guess there’s a little caffeine in those lattes. I’m such a coffee wimp.

Now I feel like a terrible mommy.

Sure, I know it’s not my fault that he’s sick, but I feel so dang helpless! I guess if he is still feverish in the morning, I’ll call the pediatrician. If we actually go into the office, that will be his 4th visit to the doctor in less than a month! BlueCross BlueShield is going to start sending me death threats! BTW, on Tuesday, the opthalmologist recommended that we set up an appointment to have Auggie’s tear duct “probed.” I’m all like, ‘did you have to use that word?’ (Not really.) This means that Auggie will have to go to the hospital, get anesthesia gas to put him to sleep, and then undergo a 5-minute procedure where the doc inserts a teeny-tiny silicon wire into his tear duct to see if there are any obstructions. If there is something, he will insert a tiny tube to help the tears drain for a month. No word on if he has to be put under again to have the tube removed. One would assume, yes, though, I suppose.

Those of you that know us are going, ‘wha..? I thought that whole blocked tear duct thing took care of itself when Auggie was, like, seven months old.’ We thought it was A-OK too. However, when he started teething early in June, his eye got crusty again. This wasn’t too surprising, because whenever Auggie has gotten a cold, the eye reverts to crustiness. However, it never went away. So, we tried the eye drops that the doc prescribed way back when his blocked tear duct was initially diagnosed when he was two months old. That didn’t work. We went into the doctor (visit #1) and were prescribed 10 days of Augmentin. This seemed to do the trick, but the day after he took his last dose, the eye was crusty again. Back to the doctor for visit #2. She prescribed a different kind of eye drop, which cut down on the yellow goo, but not the overall crustiness. It is obvious that the eye is not draining properly. So we call the opthalmologist (aren’t you impressed that I know how to spell opthalmologist, anyway?) and we go in to see him on Tuesday (visit #3). Long wait in the waiting room with a bunch of old people, but he was nice. He comes in and, bing-bang-boom, we’re discussing my little guy’s first (and hopefully only) surgery. I mean, this guy hasn’t been cut since his cord was severed. Not even down there.

That’s $45 in copayments over the past month! Sheesh. Pesky tear duct.