Jane, get me off this crazy thing… called life

Tomorrow is the big day.

Auggie is nearly 1. One year. 12 months. 365 days.

I suppose I should sit down and write a deep, introspective remembrance of his first year of life, but who has the dang time? I’ve got two birthday parties to throw in the next two days! You should see all the hot dog buns! It’s insane!

Here’s a shot from last week:

I love this picture, because it looks innocent enough… Until you realize that he’s not wearing any PANTS! See? This is what I’m talking about with the diaper changes! He’s thrashing around, screaming bloody murder while you’re taking off the diaper and putting the new one back on, but if you let him go, he’s hunky-dory. If you could witness it, you would understand why I just give up halfway through sometimes. And then you would never have kids of your own.

Still haven’t gotten to watch LOR… *sigh* But what’s to be done? I’ve had paying work to do. And I still have to partake of this pesky sleep thing.

So, as my baby enjoys his last hours of “zero-ness” I will be joining him in blissful sleep.