Join me in my fight against the evil-doers!

I have a new plan of action for my crusade against those evil credit reporting agencies.

Today, on that wonderful show Talk of the Nation on NPR, they discussed the story about those New York identity thieves. One of the guests mentioned that a handful of states have laws that allow their citizens to get their credit reports free of charge. (This was after likening the credit reporting agencies to the mafia, except that the mafia actually gives you protection against criminals when you pay them, while Experian, TransUnion and Equifax will take your money, then still sell the criminals your credit report.)

So, tomorrow begins my rounds of calling my state representative and senator to request that they draft a law similar to those other enlightened states’ posthaste. Thusly, I get a free credit report (every six months would be great), I get to clear up the mess with my mother-in-law’s credit listings being on my report and the rep gets to be a hero among all of us working-class schmoes who are scared to death that someone’s going to steal our identities and buy themselves a Ferrari (which actually happened to one of the callers to TOTN).

I mean, they came out and said that one is not being paranoid if one shreds their junk mail before putting it in the recycling bin. (Dear Santa, I would like a shredder for Christmas this year. I have been a very good girl, but have not protected my identity very well. Say hello to Rudolph for me. Love, Beth C)

So, who wants to join me in this quest? Of course, if you’re not in Missouri, you won’t be helping me at all, except maybe adding to the peer pressure of other states being more progressive than ours. (Not that that would be anything new.)

That is all.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone. We’re headed south tomorrow night, so this is all you’ll be hearing from me for a couple of days.

Now, who’s up for some Trivial Pursuit?