All fear me!

I have “cuts” on my arms, friends. For those of you that aren’t of the body-building persuasion, this means that I am sporting some muscle definition. Specifically, my triceps are kicking some serious arm butt.

Wait, that didn’t come out right.

I’ve taken the past couple of days off from the ole workout regime, since I tweaked my back during a 90-minute Firm workout orgy of pain on Saturday (sweet Jesus, I can only imagine the referrals from that turn of phrase). I’m not going to enter any contests or anything, but my little old workout tapes are finally paying off…

Also, who came here looking for naked Kentucky Derby pictures? Dude, I know those horses are built, but c’mon! Actually, I hope you read the Hunter essay that was the #3 referral for that phrase. It’s pretty great.