Oh, this is going to be good

Poor little blog. I would apologize, but that’s just getting kind of old, isn’t it?

News! Tim is updating our picture software for this here website and that section of bookerdog.com should be updated soon. Right, hon? Now, all I need to do is take some pictures…

So, what’s up with us? Um, well, Auggie’s back in school, Tim and I have joined the Y and are kicking some fitness butt and Elliott has decided that he will tolerate the “Wee Care” for only so long before kicking on the waterworks.

Auggie got his first library card on Wednesday. He checked out two books (Giggle, Giggle, Quack and Click, Clack, Moo), a couple videos and 2 DVDs. Mommy was so proud that he actually chose some books!

Elliott is the toddler with a plan. What that plan is, I couldn’t tell you, but the kid is doing something. So get out of his way, already! I’m not sure, but he seems to have been born knowing what “Thomas” is. And when I say “Thomas,” I mean “Thomas the Tank Engine,” of course. Since he could crawl, Elliott could pick out Thomas from a pile of trains. Now, he is over the top with adoration for Thomas. He has to wear his Thomas shoes, carry his Thomas train, and he has even been known to sleep with a Thomas book clutched in his little fist.

Anyway, did I mention that WE’RE DEBT FREE? If not, WE’RE DEBT FREE! That is so cool. We got to call into Dave Ramsey’s show and scream and everything. Auggie was really into it, too, which is amazing.

Good Lord, this is boring, isn’t it? I guess there’s no real need for an apology for not updating if all I’ve got is this stuff, huh? There you go.

Look forward to more banal musings from Beth C, coming in October!