Check, check, one two three….

So, um, Tim here, and I know it’s been quite while since we’ve written anything here at all. We’ve been a little busy, but for now, this post will act as a test for me, and an update for you. I’ve been rearranging things on our photo section for a while, tweaking and coding here and there.

Well, I’m ready to release it live, and here it is. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but you’ll be able to see the big set of categories and keywords that are now gracing each photo. This makes it a lot easier for us to tag on the backside for descriptions, and the dates are all pulled from the digital photos themselves.

I also wrote a pretty cool tool that allows us to crop and do quick edits of the photos right on the site. What all of this means is that the photos will be updated much more often, although we still have a huge backlog to work through. That’s why I wanted to go live even though it’s not all done.