Hold on to your hats

Waiting boys
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I know! It’s been too long! Sorry about that.

No real excuse except that it was summer and we were busy. And busy-ness does not make for many interesting stories. But! As you can see above, we have a kindergartener now!

I’m really kinda jazzed about starting to post again, though. Tim has a fun new masthead designed and I’ve got all kinds of crazy ideas for the site. Let’s see how long it takes to get them going — start your stopwatches! They keep going for, oh, about 2 years, right?

There’s no doubt that this place is getting pretty dusty. I mean, Coco’s eyes (RIP, my sista) are stiill over there, Elliott’s eyes have never made it, and I swear that you can tell Tim’s and my eyes are fat eyes. I still use the links on the right way too much — I should probably branch out to other sites. But then, hey! Miss Doxie is posting again! Hooray!