Started way way back in the time before time long ago, there was bookerdog.com.

You see, this is a site that we’ve been on and off blogging to since 2001. Tim often used it as a chance to teach himself some new tricks, and Beth used it to vent before the children forced her to think primarily in less than 140 characters.

You’ll see that we don’t get around to many updates, but thanks to being pushed out by Blogger, we had to move to a new system of WordPress which is so far beyond and above whatever we used or wrote before, it’s kinda silly. So maybe will publish more, but probably not too much. You’ll usually find us on Facebook and Twitter.  The nice thing is that we have stuff scattered all over, so hopefully using the capabilites of WordPress will allow us to reign it it in a little tighter and make it easier to find.

Anyway, kick the tires and look around.