Renegades – 2021 Derby Mix

So we’re back with a new Derby Mix for 2021.  With generous contributions by President Obama, we aim to share with the tracks that will make any spring day glorious.

You can click below to stream from right here:

You can right click below to download the full mix:

Renegades – Tim Beam’s 2021 Kentucky Derby Mix

You can stream the file from Soundcloud if you prefer:

Or finally, if you really like it, you can download the individual tracks in a zip file and play them however you’d like:

Renegades – Tim Beam’s 2021 Derby Mix – Individual Tracks

1FIDLARBy Myself
2Beach SlangLet It Ride
3Sports TeamThe Races
4IDLESMr. Motivator
5Death From Above 1979Free Animal
6Evan GreerBack Row
7Phoebe BridgersKyoto
8DestroyerIt Just Doesn’t Happen
9Holy FuckDeleter
10Tame ImpalaOne More Year
11Goth BabeI Wanna Help Your Mind
12Mint JulepLure
13Ada LimónHow I Loved You
15GaadgeDo What Now
16Peel Dream MagazineEmotional Devotion Creator
18Black HoneySummer ’92
19The BethsI’m Not Getting Excited
20CourtingGrand National
21Harry Nilsson and Lary CollmusJump Into The Fire (Authentic Mix)