Just stuff going on.

Hey there everyone, this is Auggie here. Just wanted to update you on the piggys. They celibrated there third birthday on saturday, this weekend. See ya!  Auggie, out!


Hey everyone!

Hey everyone it’s Auggie again. Remember when I posted about our guinea pigs well I’m back posting about them again. We’ve given them GINT cage and another igloo so now they love us to death. Mom joking saying to my uncle on the phone “we have two guinea pigs with all their stuff for Olivia “. Thank you mom. So that’s it Auggie out


Sometime in the last month, I made stir fry for supper. This is not uncommon in our house. We usually have some kind of stir fry once every week or so. On this particular night, E was not impressed by my efforts. He took a few bites and said, oh-so-seriously, ‘Mom, I think I’m allergic to stir fry.’