We’ve got tonight

Did I mention that we got to see the Cardinals win the World Series last fall?

That was good.

On days like today, when I’m so sick that the thought of entering the grocery store is enough to make me weep, I like to keep this memory close. And then I knock off the bottle of tomato juice next to the accursed cranberry juice that I need and it breaks all over the grocery store linoleum.

What the hell, Tuesday?

Me neither

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed by the responsibility for little lives and what in the world would you do if everything went wrong?

I hate Boston.

This is fun

After a couple of days dealing with the aftermath of converting our Blogger-based setup here to the Google/Blogger-based setup, I think we’re back in business.

So here’s our budding photographer, reviewing his work.

Old digital camera = hundreds in savings vs. using a disposable film camera = hooray!

Also, my birthday is November 20. Mother’s Day is May 13.

That is all.

A bold new vision

Photo blog! I called it!

Since it seems that I’m unable to post more than a few sentences here on ye olde blogge, I’ve made the executive decision to subject you to some of my favorite photos. (Actually, you would be subjecting yourself by continuing to come here, but that’s something for you to discuss with your therapist. See? Bookerdog gives you topics to discuss with your therapist. So helpful! You’re welcome!)

Let’s do this.

This first shot features our heroes, one of whom recently knocked one of his front teeth out, enjoying the fruits of their Santa-worship. (Mom, that’s Santa worship. Santa. Not Satan. Big difference.) Oh, yes, (battery-powered) John Deere Gator.