Sesquicentennial! Tim Beam’s Derby Mix!

The 2024 Kentucky Derby mix is now live and available for you to stream and download.

You can see it on Soundcloud – HERE

Or you can listen or download below

Track Listing:

Nobody Escapes – Mother Mother

Making Noise for the Ones You Love – Ratboys

Doubt – Slow Pulp

My Big Day – Bombay Bicycle Club

Not Tonight – Pip Blom

Wonder – En Attendant Ana

Here – Soccer Mommy

Steamroller – feeble little horse

It Will Never Stop – Sparklehorse

Portrait of God – King Tuff

Fried Rice – Royel Otis

Artschool – HOORSEES

Holding On – Jungle

Lipstick Lover – Janelle Monáe

Loved – Four Tet

Lose – Boeckner

Hello Hi – MUNYA

Brand New Colony – The Beths & Pickle Darling

Look the Part – The Belair Lip Bombs

Camp Don’t Count – The American Analog Set

Mage is Casting No Light – Noble Rot with Travis Stone

Advice to old school Word Pressers – Don’t ignore your site!

So this site has been pretty much dormant for years now. It still sits on an old server that I have running here in the basement by my desk. Every once in a while, I notice that the fan is running on the box, indicating that someone may be hitting it.

Well, unfortunately, the only people hitting it were hacker types who had been trying to draft this here site into a bot army.  It had been overrun once before, with some idiot inserting a bunch of spam into old posts.  I’ve mostly cleaned that up, but needed a way to block the ongoing brute force attacks.

Fortunately, there is a solid plugin called Wordfence that I should have been running a long time ago.  I put it in and discovered that the whole site was full of noxious files filled with goodness knows what kind of different stuff.  All for the script kids to redirect to.  That’s all been cleaned up.  I removed all the old infected themes and plugins, and things are getting back to normal here at  This doesn’t meant that I’ll be doing much of anything more on the site, but it feels nice to do a little house cleaning.

Guinea Pig Update!!!

So if you have read everything else I’ve posted you know about Ginn and Frisk right? So if their at the food bool together they will throw their heads up and try to scare each other which doesn’t really work so that’s all I want to tell you guys Auggie out 😀

Guinea pigs

This is a post from auggie Did you know we got 2 guinea pigs ? There names are ginn & frisk. Ginn is the one that runs around a lot. Frisk is the one that is amost allwas hiding. So there you have it,auggie out! Sent from auggie’s iPhone

Just a quick post

So I’ve been dealing with trying to get all of the archives working. And everything except the main archive page has republished. Blogger claims that one possibility to fix this is to upload a new post. So here you go.

Just to make it worthwhile, here’s a picture of Beth after she finished her half marathon.

For real this time

Booker digs our shag, man
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How cool is this new layout? Tim surprised me tonight with the new digs here at… Thanks, baby!

OK, so, some highlights. You’ll notice Tim’s and my Twitter Updates at right. If you don’t know about Twitter, you have to check it out, friends! I want to know what’s going on with you — 180 characters or less at a time! Just think: you might actually use a couple of those 100s of text messages you’re allowed a month!

You’ll also find some updated links on the right. I highly recommend the unbelievable insights of my friend JT at his fantastic site, The Sauerbrun Report.

So no more clicking on this site with that look of yearning like Bookerdog up there, OK? We’re back!

Hold on to your hats

Waiting boys
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I know! It’s been too long! Sorry about that.

No real excuse except that it was summer and we were busy. And busy-ness does not make for many interesting stories. But! As you can see above, we have a kindergartener now!

I’m really kinda jazzed about starting to post again, though. Tim has a fun new masthead designed and I’ve got all kinds of crazy ideas for the site. Let’s see how long it takes to get them going — start your stopwatches! They keep going for, oh, about 2 years, right?

There’s no doubt that this place is getting pretty dusty. I mean, Coco’s eyes (RIP, my sista) are stiill over there, Elliott’s eyes have never made it, and I swear that you can tell Tim’s and my eyes are fat eyes. I still use the links on the right way too much — I should probably branch out to other sites. But then, hey! Miss Doxie is posting again! Hooray!