So the realization just came crashing over me that I’m about to start my last full month of this pregnancy. Wo. While it seems really close in theory, the date “August 6” still sounds pretty far away when you’re still in June. I mean, that’s practically the end of the summer, right? Apparently not.

So here comes July, ready or not.

And here I thought my travails with Dr. Evil Dentist-Man were over! Silly me. I went in for my permanent crown today (which has ended up costing us $280.50 thanks to crappy MetLife dental plan) and the dentist didn’t like the way they finished the porcelain. He was in a much better mood today and I almost felt bad for all of the ire I’ve been carrying around for the past 2 weeks. So I have to go back in 2 weeks again. Yeehaw. I suppose all of this is better than the cracked tooth, right? One would hope.

I’m excited that Tim is trying to work out how we can host this baby on our own server so we can upload some photos and whatnot. Once the baby is here, I’m sure that we’ll have tons of pictures of the little guy to share. Of course, now that our scanner doesn’t work, we may have some problems… Honey?