So I just set up my prenatal visit with my doula, Judy for July 17. She said that Tim didn’t have to be there, so we’re going to meet at 11 a.m. She didn’t really say what would go on, so I can only let my imagination run wild. Will she indoctrinate me about what “really” happens during labor and childbirth? Will she read my palm or something? Who knows?

For those of you who haven’t been previously obsessed with pregnancy, a doula is a labor support woman, who, um, will support me (and Tim) during labor. She’s the one who will massage my back if I have tortuous back labor, tell Tim how to rub my feet when the contractions get tough, suggest that I walk around to get gravity going and generally advocate for me and what I want during this baby’s birth. Yay, doula! Ask me how relieved Tim and I are to have someone there who actually knows what she’s doing. Since we’re going to the biggest baby hospital in the area (averaging at least 15 births a day), it will be really great to have someone there with us full-time, since I’m sure everything we learned in the Lamaze classes will be long-gone with the first contraction.

I drove up to 270 today and timed how long it took me to get to the exit for the hospital. With not bad traffic, average speed 65 mph, it took approx. 10 minutes. If we make that drive during the stage of labor that I hope to be at (1-minute contractions 4-5 minutes apart), that means Tim’s life will only be threatened approx. 2 times during the ride. Let’s hope they get that “uneven pavement” thing fixed soon, honey, or it could be worse…

According to doula Judy and my Aunt Angela, the sparkly spots are often a precursor to migraine headaches called an “aura.” Yikes. I haven’t had any of those ever, and lets hope they don’t start now. Judy suggested that perhaps the blood vessels in my brain are doing some adjusting, what with this big ole baby’s increasing blood needs and all.

Did I mention that I’m ready to have my body back? Two people — sure, it’s a miracle and all — is a lot of people to have in one body for 40 weeks.