Well, I went and made some changes to the format of the BMPS, we’ll see if Beth likes them or not…

I realized that I haven’t really posted much here about myself, but I’m Beth’s husband, and make my living doing programming for a consulting company. Lately, I’ve been working for a DOD contractor doing lots of HTML, ASP, VB, and Oracle programming. I enjoy what I do for a living, though I know it tends to make other people fall into a dull stupor if I spend more than about 15 seconds talking about what I did at work. It’s an amazing thing really, you see their eyes beginning to glaze over by the time you’ve completed your first sentence. So I probably won’t be talking much about that in here.

I’ve recently turned 30, and am preparing myself for the arrival of our first child. It’s a whole lot of excitement, mixed with a little fear, and an almost unending stream of wonder. We truly are fairly amazing creatures when you get right down to it. The improbability of our means of sentient life evolving out of inorganic atoms, well… It’s pretty cool isn’t it? I’ve been trying to be as supportive of Beth as I can, but the things she’s experienced in the past 8 months are fairly inconcievable.

So meanwhile, I’ve been working hard to get the big projects done around the house that have needed to be done. It’s stuff that I like to do, and like to learn to do. It so nice, when you do most of your work with your mind, to get to work with your hands. Some other time I’ll go into the reasons there is so much work to do on the house. Right now, we’re in the midst of a huge overhaul of a bathroom that has afforded me the opportunity to learn wiring, plumbing, and replacing sections of subflooring. It’s been a daunting process, but thanks to Beth’s dad, the major structural work is done. Now there’s only finishing work remaining, but that still is the major focus of my time for the next week or so.

That should do it for now, of course, many things may or may not come out in the writing of this blog, but you never know, and heck you don’t even really know if any of this is true, do you?