This morning was a little disconcerting. After eating breakfast, I sat down at my computer to work and noticed that I felt a little stomach crampy. One problem: my stomach isn’t in the same place anymore and I can only presume that what I was feeling were practice contractions. For you non-gestating types, these are called “Braxton-Hicks” contractions. After the ob who “discovered” them, I would guess. Anyhoo, I had felt similar contractions last night as I tried to fall asleep, but didn’t really think about it.

Suddenly, uh-oh! Bathroom! And so I’m sitting there (in the bathroom) and all of a sudden I’m absolutely terrified that I’m going into labor (because bathroom unpleasantness can also be a symptom of labor). I mean, white-faced terror! Not good! I’m supposed to be ready for this, right? I’ve read all the books, took all the classes, discussed plans with Tim, toured the hospital, gone to every doctor visit, visualized, prayed, dreamed about it… Why am I freaking out? Sure, it’s not good that I’ve got a little over 4 weeks to go until this baby is due — no one wants a premature baby. But I was really disconcerted that just the thought of going into labor was so frightening.

Plus, looking in the mirror, I’m thinking that maybe the baby has dropped, or that “lightening” has occurred. (See? Isn’t my blog fun and informative? Just like biology class!) This means that the baby’s head has engaged in my pelvis by moving down and that I should have more room for my stomach and lungs. Even your heart gets shoved around when you’re pregnant — isn’t that weird? Mom said that it seems a little early for that and it would feel like there was a weight on my bladder. I’m thinking, ‘But it’s felt like that for the past nine months!’ Also, my pregnancy calendars have been talking about lightening for a couple of weeks now. Sounds like it could happen at any time. I need an objective opinion from Tim, though, as to what he thinks.

Anyway, once I got out of the bathroom and called Tim, I was fine (obviously, or I wouldn’t be leisurely writing this entry). Maybe the Braxton-Hicks were just a precursor to the emergency bathroom visit. I called my Mom too (obvious from above). I know this sounds really dumb, but not knowing what a contraction feels like is making me a little nervous. Of course, everyone is like you’ll know. But my mom says that she couldn’t even really feel them until the baby was practically here. She could just feel her uterus getting hard.

I’m sure that it will all work itself out. And I’m glad, I guess, that my body is “practicing” for labor. Go, body!

I guess I’m just a little nervous about my baby showers this weekend back home. My cousin Danni delivered her little boy the weekend of her shower. We never did get to have a shower for her, poor thing.