I don’t know what it is about going to the doctor’s that makes me so tired. Maybe it’s just the fact that doing anything in this heat makes me really tired. Poor Beth!

So, no new news from the doctor. I’m still stuck at 3 cm, 100% effaced, if you can call that stuck. The doc’s baffled, though, as to why I have not yet gone into labor. “Just a couple of good contractions should get you going.” So I guess I can look forward to super-spicy food until the little guy decides that he’s tired of looking at his knees. Or I can put on my seduction hat… which doesn’t fit anymore, really… (Not maternity-sized)

I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t dilated more. I mean, I just haven’t had any contractions to speak of in the last week.

Tim was such a sport and came with me to the doctor’s. He even took the afternoon off and hung out with me, eating ice cream and watching “Days of Our Lives.” What a guy! I fell asleep eventually, and he set off on a 16-mile bike ride. Wow. My husband kicks butt.

So that’s it. I guess I have a few more days to wrap up business with clients, maybe even squeaking out a layout before this baby comes. Yay, money! And there’s only 12 days left till my due date, so at this point, I’m just going to reset my mind back to August 6 as the date to look forward to. This day-to-day stuff is driving me nuts.