This is going to be quick, since I have been ordered to bed by my husband, but we are (hopefully) having the baby tomorrow (Thursday)! I basically had huge emotional meltdown last night when I considered how all of my best-laid plans were completely falling apart with regard to this birth. I mean, my doctor that I trust and have a great relationship with will probably not be delivering my baby, or I was going to have to be induced at a different hospital that I knew nothing about (I thought). Not good. Many tears. Much nose-honking.

So I called my doctor first thing this morning. I didn’t actually get to speak to her until 6 this evening (after waiting around all day), but she said that if I wanted her to deliver the baby, I should go to St. John’s tomorrow morning and say that I had been having contractions every 5 minutes, but they seem to be slowing down. Then, when the nurse called her, she would say that since I was already so dilated and overdue, that they should start the pitocin. Hooray! A plan, a devious plan! Of course, hopefully I could still go into labor naturally tonight, but that’s looking like less and less of a possibility.

So we went out to dinner and walked around the mall for an hour and had frozen custard. It’s like my last meal or something! I’m so excited!

But I didn’t sleep well last night since I was so crampy after getting my membranes stripped, so I only ended up getting about 4 hours of sleep. That’s why Tim is tapping his foot at me right now, letting me know that I should be headed to bed.

Send happy birthing thoughts today, my friends! I’ll update as soon as I can!