August has his first cold.

It’s so pitiful! He has this scary-sounding (to me) chesty cough, but at least his nose hasn’t been too stuffy. I’ve only had to wield the nasal aspirator/snot sucker twice, and his temperature has only been as high as 99.4 degrees.

I still called the on-call pediatrician.

Can we give him drugs? He said to hold off until his fever was over 100.5. We can put some saline spray up his nose, though, should he get stuffy. So far, so good. It’s really strange, because he hasn’t been in a particularly bad mood, as you would expect from a baby with his first cough. He hasn’t been particularly happy either– just this wierd kind of far-off looking quietness. We went down to my mom’s today for a visit and everyone commented on what a good baby he was.

It’s not like he’s not a good baby. (Yes, I realize that was a double negative. So shoot me, I like double negatives.) Is there such a thing as a bad baby anyway?

It’s just that he has his moments, like every other baby, where he’s not so fun. Today, he reminded me of the Simpson’s episode where Lisa comments, ‘We’re the MTV generation. We feel neither highs nor lows.’ ‘How does that make you feel?’ ‘Eh.’

That’s what August was like today.

Hooray for Tim! What a madman he was to get up all of those pictures in one day!

As for me, I must admit that if what August has is indeed a cold, I had it first. I’ve been sniffling and sneezing since early on Friday. Oh, the guilt! I thought that breastfeeding was supposed to protect August from my germs! Actually, my hunch is that our problems stem from this typical Missouri weather pattern that brings cool, dry weather one day, and warm, moist conditions the next. Yee-haw, Missouri!

August is getting baptized on November 10. The interesting thing is that Tim and I have to be remarried before the baptism. You see, when we tied the knot nearly four years ago in lovely Gatlinburg, we did not get married in The Church, so we have to have our marriage validated. Ostensibly, this will ensure that August is raised in the Catholic faith. At any rate, it’s kind of neat that Tim and I get to renew our vows in front of our family again. And then August gets baptized, and we all go back to our house and eat ham! Sweet!

I promise that I’m going to try to blog more often. Keep checking back and feel free to harass me if I flake again!