Yay, our first trip to the Zoo!

This afternoon (which was so beautiful, and I figure we can’t have many more of these left) we struck out for the St. Louis Zoo (free!). That is, us and all of the other stroller-wielding mommies in the bistate area. The crowd was really small, actually, which made my stroller-wielding much easier. This is a good thing, because I’ve been toting him around in the sling so much that we haven’t even used the stroller since he was about six weeks old.

He did great, riding around with his sunglasses on, enjoying the view and the nice weather. We watched them feed the sea lions, saw the big cats napping and watched the antics of the flamingos. I’m not sure how much August could actually see, but I had a good time, anyway. I’ll get Tim to post the couple of pictures I took soon.

It was so warm, I even broke a sweat pushing the stroller up and down the hills.

So still no laughing, but he is totally reaching for things now and rolling over lots (whenever he gets the chance). We’ve really been working on the napping during the day thing, because even though it’s really great that he sleeps so much at night, I still need to get stuff done during the day! Right now, he’s napping maybe two hours during the day. This makes it very challenging for me to get any work done. And I even have work to do! Work that pays money! We’re getting by right now by working during the evenings and weekends while Tim watches him, but I want to see Tim during those times too, and he has stuff that he wants to do, so we’re kind of in a bind.

But mostly, I’m enjoying how well he sleeps at night. I mean, how many mommies get to sleep in till 8 or 9 every morning?