What a day.

You’d think, since I had a nice, refreshing nap this afternoon, that I wouldn’t be this tired right now.

Yet it cannot be denied. I am really tired.

Maybe it was the fact that August woke up at 5 this morning and then went back to sleep in five to ten minute spurts until 8 a.m. (Which means that I got up at 5, basically.) Maybe it was the whirlwind grocery shopping trip. Or the snappy cookie-baking session into the harried supper-cooking session. Or the La Leche League meeting where I had to juggle said cookies, said baby, diaper bag, purse and a big bowl of grapes going in.

Search me.

August is slowly, slowly getting over his cold. His nose is less stuffy every day, and he seems to be spitting up a little less (only a little, though). I weighed him today and he’s officially 16 pounds! Wow. He’s such a bruiser! You should check out the pictures! We added new ones! Finally!

We go to the doctor on Wednesday for more shots and a checkup, now that he’s 4 months old. We get to talk about starting solid foods!

These are exciting things for moms like me.