I swear I’ve been blogging every day, I swear! Apparently, we’re having some sort of trouble FTP-ing from Blogger. Hopefully Tim will get this taken care of post-haste Friday morning.

Oh, my, what a day. After an action-packed morning, complete with “where are my interview notes?!” freak-out, Auggie and I hopped in the car to jet down to Cape to see the new cousin. Apparently, his name is still under consideration. And Easton is nursing! That is so wonderful! I hadn’t even let myself hope… Here’s hoping that she sticks with it. I tried to be encouraging, but hopefully did not come off as rabid.

Auggie had his first Wib’s barbecue sandwich! And he loved it! My mom was worried about it being too spicy for him, but she was quickly appeased after the gazpacho story. The thing that makes Wib’s the best barbecue ever is that it’s basically just thinly-sliced smoked pork on toast, with a light spreading of barbecue sauce on the inside of the toast. Mm-Mm! My favorite is the “combination” which is the barbecue sandwich with pimento cheese. I know it sounds weird, but it is so good you just want to melt. Wib’s also used to make the best malts. But no more. Was that a haiku?

The ride home was very stressful, as Auggie cried for 45 miles of the trip. He was constantly chomping on his fingers, so I’m guessing that tooth #6 is working its way toward daylight. Poor little guy.

Anyway, once we were home and everyone was fed, I needed to get some serious work done. So I packed up the iBook and motored up to the local Starbucks concern. I’ve only been to Starbucks once before, so I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that could be “frappachino-ed.” I ended up going with a mocha frappachino the size of my head and it was mighty tasty. It’s easy to see how they are taking over the world, one four dollar coffee concoction at a time.

I guess that’s it. No big ideas today. No tirades on society’s ills.


So tired…