Beer two nights in a row!

We just got back from a Cardinals-Phillies game with Auggie.

Actually, we had a very good time, thanks to a pair of free nose-bleed section seats from my step-nephew-not-really-because-he’s-not-even-blood-related-to-my-stepdad who got to go to Fernando Vina’s baseball clinic this morning.

Even though the Cards lost, Auggie found the action on the field riveting. We even got to be on the big screen when “That One Guy” who does all the fun fan stuff between innings came by and gave us free Sure T-shirts to start the wave with him. Of course, they were only larges and Tim and I were already sweating under our T-shirts and jerseys, so we were begging for the third out of the inning.

After the wave was over (and the “That One Guy” bolted like his seat was on fire — what was up with that? Did we smell that bad? Weird.), we peeled off the shirts and gave them to some 11-year-olds that thought we were the coolest ever. I chuckled to think about these kids wearing these Sure “Raise your hand if you’re sure” T-shirts to school like they were the latest in cool teen gear.