Sorry ’bout that

Sorry for the huge pic, there, guys. Hopefully nobody got stuck trying to download that post for five minutes. You dial-up people (and you know who you are) have my sympathy.

So tomorrow morning, we’re going to do the “World Walk for Breastfeeding” at Northwest Plaza, wherever that is. It benefits La Leche League, and we can dig that. Plus, you know how Auggie is just a huge media hog. He’s all about getting his mug on TV. None of that newspaper mention stuff. He’s ready to go big time.

Another totally rad thing about this Blogger Pro deal is that we get a free Blogger micro-ad. Here’s ours:

(Imagine this is a little blue box)

Perfect from now on

Read all about the toddler who is Guided By Voices

And they click on it and they come here! Whoopee!

Tim was like, “Our server only allows 10 concurrent connections.”

I’m like, “I don’t think we need to worry that just yet, baby.”

Auggie’s like, “Da! Ma!” (makes farting sounds on arm)