It’s the end of the world as we know it

Oh. My. Who knew that Armageddon was this bad? I mean, really!

We missed both of the big “comet-hurtling-towards-the-Earth” movies, but Armageddon is actually on ABC tonight. You probably didn’t notice because you were watching the Emmys on NBC.

Anyway, it’s so bad that we just can’t stop watching!

So bad it’s good? No, not by a long shot. That’s more like Evil Dead 2 or Daniel Johnston songs.

We had a pretty good weekend with the little dude. We went over to Grant’s Farm yesterday for the first time in the two years we’ve lived here, which is actually kinda funny, since we live so close to it. And it’s free. And you get free beer! How have we not been here every weekend? And every other week day?

We had a great time, bottle-feeding the baby goats, ogling the various animals around the preserve, drinking the free beer and visiting with the huge Clydesdales.

I think Auggie may have had a good time too.

We took my friend Octavia out for dinner at this neato restaurant called the 94th Aerosquadron. It’s right by the airport, with a great view of the runways. The food was not very good, the service was friendly but very slow and the planes were pretty loud at times. But, all in all, I must admit that I enjoyed myself. Of course, most of that was probably because I got to visit with Octavia.

Today we went down to Jefferson County to visit our friends and deliver a revamped computer to them. I love going out to the country, especially in the fall. Today was one of the first truly cool days of the season and I was loving every minute of it.

Our friends have a great place out in the woods. A great garden, a good dog, two horses and just an overall ideal existence. Can you tell that I’m just a wee envious of their lives?

Oh, poor Liv Tyler! Who will stay behind to detonate the bomb?! Shed not those big, fat elven tears!

Sorry, still watching Armageddon.

Gotta go now. There’s only 18 minutes until the comet hits.