Poor Kelly

Why, oh why, are they making those poor American Idol kids sing together like some kinda mutant Partridge Family? Or, as Tim puts it, an All-Star Six Flags Jam? I mean, they must have absolutely sold their souls to Fox!

And, now that the interminable final show is over (after only 2 freaking hours of bad group sing-alongs and Focus commercials), they are trotting the top 10 out on tour? Come on, Rupert! Let these poor kids sign a recording contract already! Let them go…

So Kelly won, just like everyone knew that she was going to. Fine, fine. Great. Let her record those anemic ballads and let Justin sign with some funky R&B label. Couldn’t you just see him doing some D’Angelo-esque numbers?

I don’t even know what I’m talking about. I think I saw a D’Angelo video once.

I’m just trying to sound like one of the cool kids. *sobs*

Anyway, today was just an exhausting exercise in futility. August cried for 45 minutes in the middle of the night, as Tim and I lay stiffly in our bed, forcing ourselves not to go in there and scoop him up. Considering that we did try to comfort him the night before, and yet he still cried for an hour and a half until I brought him into bed with us, I think we did the right thing.

He ended up sleeping until 7:30, which was not so good for me, because that meant that I got breakfast detail, as Tim was leaving for work. I was in a bad mood because I enjoy that last hour or half hour of sleep by myself after Tim gets up with Auggie early in the morning.

We went for a walk after breakfast, after looking for Jake’s bleeding collar for 15 minutes. Yeesh! I never did find the dang thing. I have tried to not get too frustrated with our walks, even though it takes me nearly 30-45 minutes to go a mile. With four wacky wiener dogs and a 23-pound baby in a decidedly non-sporty stroller, it’s not like I’m going to break the four-minute mile record. But still! I feel like the little grandmas in the neighborhood are lapping me, you know?

Ooo! You have to come back tomorrow, when I have a chance to upload the pictures I took today of the world’s cutest toddler! Lucky me, that I happened upon him at the playground this afternoon.