Which one of us has the Masters in Finance?

Oh. My. I was all ready to blog when I decided to balance the bank account “really quickly” using our spiffy Microsoft Money program. Of course, something that normally takes 2 minutes ended up taking nearly an hour. I was off by $20, which refused to show itself. So, in order to make this less likely to happen in the future, I’ve decided that we should spend less money.

That’s, ahem, rich.

Maybe we should just spend more money in less places on fewer occasions. That way, there won’t be as many eye-crossingly similar entries in the dang program. You have no idea how many entries there are for “ATM Withdrawal,” “Shop ‘N Save,” “Whole Foods Market,” “Kangaroo Kids” and “Shell.” Frightening. I should be a dang part-owner of Kangaroo Kids by now.

So now I’m too tired to finish uploading the photos from my niece Olivia’s second birthday party and Auggie’s trip to the Zoo last week. Maybe tomorrow.

Oh! Auggie has his first music class tomorrow morning. I have no idea what to expect really, but the class is supposed to introduce toddlers to music, so that in and of itself guarantees hilarity, right? I’ll try to remember to bring the camera.

Those of you keeping track of the sleep goings-on: Auggie was in bed with us again last night. I think this will be the last night of leniency before we begin the Crib Reformation tomorrow night. Please send the boy sleepy thoughts. Or at least anti-flopping-around-when-sleeping-by-mommy thoughts.