Beaten and dejected

Coming to you at 21.6 kbs via the slow-poke modem at my mom’s house!

That’s right, we’re rockin’ the 54K down in the Cape. Actually, we’re crying in our proverbial beers here this evening, as the Team of Destiny lost its date with destiny thanks to a heartbreaking flare from the heartless wonder, Kenny Lofton. Is there no justice in the universe? Alas, if the NY Yankees could not do it last year, then surely destiny has turned its back on this most noble of sports.

You’ll indulge me for waxing poetic about men younger than I who make more in a year than I will ever see in my entire life. It’s been a rather long day. After an even longer weekend. And now I can do some relaxin’, rural-style. 21.6 kbs-style. Aww, yeah!

Dang Cardinals.