Fudgy goodness

I apologize for the malaise, my friends. Tim and I have begun a new “lifestyle program” (which will remain nameless, and, no, it’s not a cult) and we have been having a little trouble adjusting. Mainly, we are tired and hungry.

But it’s getting better!

Can I just say how much I love my mom? Not just because she took The Boy for the night last Friday (more about this coming up), but also because when I told her about our new “lifestyle” she said, ‘Oh, honey, you don’t need to do that. I was just thinking last weekend how good you looked.’ Isn’t she the best? Thanks, Mom.

Anyway, I know I need to deliver the goods, as it were, on our Big Night Out 2002. Sounds like some kinda lame sorority hay ride or something, doesn’t it?

We had a fabulous time.

Tim got home just as I was laying back on the couch, enjoying the silence. We then got suitably attired for dinner at Shittake, a nice restaurant in Clayton. We then wasted approximately 45 minutes in search of a breast pump and were nearly late for our reservations.

Once we settled in at the restaurant, we promptly ordered sake bombers, just to assure the wait staff that we were the kind of high-caliber customers that they love to wait on.

Dinner was great. Even though I ended up making Tim switch entrees. I ordered lobster pad thai. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Doesn’t your mouth just start watering, imagining the wonderful richness of lobster paired with the savory pad-thai-ness of pad thai? Me too! Unfortunately, it was soupy. And way too spicy. And had lemon grass. Wha..? I know! So I stole Tim’s shittake-encrusted sea bass with mashed potatoes, which rocked. (Note: Tim said he enjoyed my entree, even though he left half of it behind. Did I mention how much I love him?)

Dessert was even better. Tim flaked and got some guava sorbet. I hit the sweet spot and enjoyed a chocolate torte with coconut-brown sugar ice cream. There were little chocolate-y birds singing, the sun set over my shoulder and white chocolate fireworks were exploding in air, my friends. It was That Good. Did I mention that chocolate is not a large part of the new “lifestyle program”?

We also drank a bottle of wine.

So, needless to say, us lightweights were feeling pretty good as we hit the sidewalk. We decided to walk over to the local coffee concern (a Starbucks, ug). We then walked around Clayton, window shopping and dodging random throngs of high school kids headed for the barbecue place. I know, I was confused too.

We ended up down at Mississippi Nights for a rock show featuring old favorites The Promise Ring. We got there just as they were starting their set and I proceeded to feel like a complete fossil as I watched all the 16-year-olds bounce to the music. Then I made a total ass of myself by asking the merch guy if they had any Cap’n Jazz (an early incarnation of TPR). [Damn you, Jim Littrell! Buying that last Cap’n Jazz record back at the Engineering Auditorium! I’ll never forgive you!]

I’m such a dork.

All told, the show ended early and we were home by midnight. We enjoyed a blissful night of uninterrupted sleep, even though we both woke up around 6, Auggie’s usual wake-up time. The great part: We went back to sleep!

And he survived! Auggie had a great time with my mom. We showed up down there around 2 and he was glad to see us, which was nice. I guess it’s just hard to imagine that I’m, well, indispensable. Since he no longer depends on me alone for food, he’s able to branch out and be more independent. Sure, this is a little sad, but it’s mostly incredible.

He’s getting so big.