God bless DSL

We’re back! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I just could not stand to do more than check my e-mail on that dial-in modem. That took nearly 20 minutes as it was!

The floors look great, thanks for asking. I can’t believe how beautifully they turned out. Sorry that I can’t work up much more enthusiasm right now, but we are both totally wiped out from moving all the furniture back. That’s especially sad, seeing as how we have only moved about half of the stuff back.

See, we’re going to Chicago next weekend, and while we’re there, we’re going to check out the IKEA store up in Schaumberg. Whee! New bedroom suite here we come! And new desk! And closet storage stuff! And rugs!

Anyway, we don’t want to move a bunch of stuff back upstairs, only to move it back downstairs next weekend. Capeche?

So what can I tell you about last week? It was really hard. I really missed Tim. Auggie was a major pain during the night, waking up and not going back to sleep until I brought him into bed with me.

I couldn’t believe how bad I was at that! You see, Tim usually handles all the nighttime stuff. I roll over in bed and cover my head with a pillow. Away from home, it’s especially challenging, because you’re not only concerned about the baby, but also the gracious people who are hosting you and said baby.

So I didn’t sleep well. At all. Which is not good, especially considering that each morning I woke up to another 24 hours of permanent mommy duty. My mom was a huge help, but she had stuff of her own to do.

So we did a little shopping, visited Grandpa and Granny, got to see little Cammron (who is doing famously) and generally had a pretty good time while we whiled the days away, waiting for the house to be ready.

We visited the nursing home where my mother works as an ombudsman (yes, she is a saint) and Auggie put a smile on many the face among the residents.

It’s so good to be back home. I apologize for boring the pants off of ya’ll, but I think I’ll go “press some sheets” as my dad would say.