Happy birthday to me

So it’s another tick-over on the ole odometer of life… Hello, 28.

I was telling Tim this morning that it’s only a matter of time before Auggie looks at me sadly and asks, ‘Are you going to die soon?’

Apparently, this is how I helped my mother through her 30th birthday. She also got a speeding ticket in the park — where I insisted we go to celebrate her special day. What a jerk that cop was. What a jerk child I was.

Now for my favorite part of my birthday, the reading of the “If November 20 is your birthday” part of the horoscope: “You are emotional, loyal and can be romantic to the degree of being passionate (oh, my!). You know plenty about food and its preparation (..?); you most certainly could succeed in the catering business. During December, your intuitive intellect will be honed to razor-sharpness. Follow hunches in money and love.” Ohhhh-kay. Thanks, Sydney Omarr.

My wonderful husband even made pancakes for me this morning, although my wonderful son decided that he wanted to come into our bed at 5:45. He fell asleep, draped across my stomach and I was so tired I didn’t even care.

Another inexplicable part of the birthday horoscope is the list of celebrities that share your birthday (just in case you didn’t feel bad enough, let’s point out all the people who are way richer than you and also born on the same day). Today, Alistair Cooke is 94, Richard Dawson is 70, Dick Smothers is 63, Veronica Hamel is 59, Joe Walsh is 55, Bo Derek is 46 and Ming-Na is 35.

At least I’m still younger than them.

And I’ve seen Bo Derek in person. No way that she is 46, my friends.

I’m just sayin’ is all…

I’ve officially lost 15 pounds now, which is a nice birthday present to myself. Even after the apple pie my mom made this past weekend.