Hello, Friday?

I’m not sure what happened there…

Oh, wait, yes I do. My friend Dana invited me to see The Ring with her Thursday night, so her fiancé Chris and Tim stayed home with Auggie while we hit the theater for my first honest-to-goodness-sitting-in-the-theater movie in a while.

I had read a few reviews of the movie that said it was one of the creepiest films in a long time, so maybe my expectations were too high. I didn’t think it was all that scary. There were only a couple of times where I kinda jumped.

Creepy? Yes. As creepy as The Sixth Sense? No way. As scary as The Blair Witch Project? Nuh-uh.

Dana and I both walked out going, ‘Eh. I thought it was going to be a lot scarier.’ I was feeling pretty smug, actually, since scary movies have a tendency to stick with me and creep me out when no one’s looking.

So you know what happened, right?

I got totally creeped out once I was in bed with the lights out. I barely slept at all that night, just sure that the soggy-girl was going to get me. Actually, I’m not really even sure what I was afraid of, looking back.

Long story longer: I was very tired on Friday, so I didn’t blog. I apologize.

In case you are wondering, Jake is doing as good as ever. His scabs are off, the hair they shaved around the bite is growing back in and he is no longer Mr. Complainy-Pants when you pick him up. Well, at least not any more than he ever was.

Oh, man! It is totally sleeting outside! Just when I’m convinced that the polar ice caps are melting from some dramatic climate change or global warming or what have you, Mother Nature goes and throws us sleet before Thanksgiving! Bizarre… We’re going to pay for last year’s mild winter, methinks.