I didn’t even have to use my AK

The bed rocks.

Wait, that sounds wrong. No, it doesn’t literally sway back and forth (depends on how much you’re drinking too), it is just really great. In case you’re interested, it’s the “Sorum” model. I especially enjoy the padded backrest headboard, since we’re/I’m a big bed reader/blogger. That’s right, my friends, I type these steamy words straight from the sack each and every night.


I have the sniffles. Still. This cold simply won’t die! At least the permanent bad taste has finally left my mouth. Or rather it has evolved into simply a temporary bad taste every now and again. Food is starting to taste again, but my sense of smell is reserved for the most foul of Auggie diapers and rotting garbage (a symptom of our eating more fruits and veggies, I suppose). Yippee!

I’m sniffling so much that I’m even beginning to annoy myself. Plus, for some reason, I become completely oblivious about the concept of Kleenex when I have the sniffles, so I only think about blowing my nose and stopping the sniffles when someone pointedly hands me the dang Kleenex.

But today I actually purchased some of those handy-dandy pocket-size deals of Puffs, so I utilized a few and it didn’t help. Stinkin’ sniffles.

Auggie was in a great mood today. Which was especially nice considering that he has been the August Strindberg of toddlers for the past week. (Yes, I have been waiting a long, long time to link to that site. It is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. ‘Heeeeeliuuummmm!’)

So I took advantage of his good mood and just played the day away with him. The only time I got anything at all accomplished was during his nap. Meaning that I had no nap myself, therefore I am wiped. Meaning that I’m going to bed.