Auggie, Santa. Santa, Auggie

It’s too bad that I only have time to blog late at night (except for today. And yesterday. Shut up.), because I always get a couple of extra hits from whenever I update in the daylight hours.

Now that we have fancy-schmancy referral logs, thanks to Tim’s sharp programming on the new site, I noticed the other day that someone got here by searching for “how to make swords” on Google. Thinking it was a fluke, I giggled and moved along.

It happened again yesterday, this time on Yahoo. So you know that I just had to go to Yahoo and do the same search — and we’re the #7 site for “how to make swords”! I find that very humorous.

Who the hell wants to know how to make swords, anyway? Don’t you need to be some sort of smith to make a sword?

I know, it’s all those last-minute crafty moms who are trying to figure out what to make for their goth sons for Christmas! ‘Here, honey, I made you this cinnamon-scented Sword of Doom myself! Hand-forged it in the basement while you were at school! Enjoy!’ She could even use her Bedazzler on the sheath.

I think there should be a reverse-Google search engine. You know, where you type in your domain and get a list back of all the search words that would refer to your site. Dude! I thought of it first! Of course, I have no programming skilz, so if you can make this happen, at least, like, link to me or something, OK?

I officially finished up my Christmas shopping this morning, complete with a visit with Santa for Auggie.

Am I the only one that gets depressed that this is more of a photo opportunity than an actual visit with old Saint Nick anymore? Santa doesn’t even ask what you want, as far as I can tell. It’s more of a move-em-in-head-em-out sort of procedure.


So I sat Auggie on Santa’s knee and he immediately freaked out, just as I knew he would.

At least Santa looks happy.