Baked good

Auggie actually ate some solid food this evening! Just a little bit of pizza, but, hey, we’ll take what we can get.

Looks like that second molar is starting to push through as well, thank goodness, so maybe this reign of terror will soon be behind us.

So how do you like the new digs? Tim has been tinkering away on this redesign for a couple of months now — it’s nice to see him make the leap and unleash it on the unflinching public. I especially enjoy the links section (on your right, there), so I can stop linking to the same dang sites over and over again. (BTW, Mimi Smartypants today is just too freaking funny.)

Today’s (not-so) cryptic Post It note to myself:

1) Stamps

2) Update calendar already!

3) Baked good

Here’s a fun dealie I put together from our second NLCS game this fall using this coolio app that I found yesterday.

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God, I love my Mac. Note that you need QuickTime to play it, plus it’s a squidge more than 13 and a half megs. (Tim’s already hyperventilating about our bandwidth.) And it’s my first try at this thing, so it’s not exactly Ken Burns’ dramatic panning across nineteen hundred photos of Louis Armstrong here, OK?

Who are you calling defensive?