to blog = the new "to smurf"?

I always find it vaguely annoying when people blog about being too sick to blog. However, here we are… I’m sick, but gradually getting better. Nothing serious, of course, just a lot of head congestion and sore-throaty-ness. Auggie seems to be on the road to recovery now that the molar seems to have made its way to the surface. (I swear, the thing’s like a fist coming out of his gum, the poor guy.)

I’m at the stage of sickness where my voice is all throaty. Some would call it sexy, I suppose, if they could ignore the raspy cough and incessant throat-clearing that goes along with it.

I was dying to get out of the house today, so Auggie and I trekked up to the nursing moms’ group. I knew no one there, the babies were teeny-tiny (like 2 and 6 weeks old) and the next-oldest baby had just started crawling. Auggie was the elder statesman, by far! It was good, though, to remember my first times at the group, meeting the other moms and kids in our playgroup and catching up with Tanya, who runs the group. She couldn’t believe how great I look (if I do say so myself!). It’s nice to hear someone tell you that, before you even say anything.

Anyway, that’s my blog about not blogging because I’m blogging sick, OK?