Ha. Here’s something funny. Turns out our crown rack of lamb was actually crown rack of pork. Who knew such a thing even existed?

I was initially tipped off last week, when I ran across the receipt from Whole Foods and it said “crown pork roast.” I just thought, ‘Hm. That’s strange. Must be a typo.’

When I went to Whole Foods again last night, I noticed at the meat counter that the sale sign for $6.25 a pound was still up there for crown rack of pork. Guess how much the actual crown rack of lamb was, per pound. Just guess!

$13.25. Per pound.

So if you’re here looking for advice on how to prepare crown rack of lamb, go for the crown rack of pork. Having sampled both, there are several reasons for the pork’s superiority:

1. It tastes better.

2. It picks up the flavor of the seasonings better. We used this recipe for garlic and rosemary rack of lamb and it was amazing. The rosemary was perfectly absorbed into the roast. Delicious!

3. It’s way better for you. Lamb is an incredibly fatty meat. Check out the nutritional information for the recipe above! 800 calories. Per serving! Ouch!

4. It’s way cheaper.

5. Nobody likes lamb anyway.

6. Pigs are uglier than lambs.

This discovery, while rather embarrassing, is actually somewhat of a relief. Lambs are so cute. I felt like a lech every time I looked at one of Auggie’s little toy lambs (of which he has quite a few). And “baa-baa” is one of the few animal sounds he actually knows how to say.

“Oink-oink” just isn’t there yet.

Don’t even get me started on Wilbur. I read Charlotte’s Web, like, eleven times in the third grade. I freakin’ love Wilbur, OK? This pig was no Wilbur.