Ten minutes

OK, I’ve got nine minutes before this face mask dealie is dry, so let’s see if I can crank out anything of interest…

Some highlights from this past weekend:

* New Auggie words: cheese, good (used in conjunction with cheese) and, Tim’s personal favorite, booby

* Major crashes: only one, off the ottoman in the living room

* Amount spent on knitting supplies: $3.18

* Current length of scarf: 18 inches (will be 44 overall)

Tim and I rented In The Bedroom and watched it last night. Oy, what a depressing film. I guess the ending was unexpected at least. And is it just me, or did they just totally leave Marisa Tomei’s character hanging? I mean, I understand that the whole thing was left hanging, but I felt like her character just fell off the face of the earth.

The weird thing about watching it was how Tim and I reacted to the death of Frank (this isn’t ruining it for anyone, I hope. I’m pretty sure that everyone else on the planet has already seen this, right?). Having a son of our own, we could see ourselves in the parents’ shoes a little too easily. I even cried when the mom smacked the girl across the face.

It’s the first time I’ve cried for a long, long time. I can’t even remember the last time I cried.

Not that I’m a crybaby or anything. I just usually shed tears every so often, it seemed. Guess I’m just happy.

Time’s up.