I should develop reality shows for a living

I’ve been having nightmares lately. This is pretty unusual for me. I remember a lot of what I dream, but it’s never usually anything too scary or creepy. A little odd, perhaps, but nothing like lately.

On Sunday, I had this totally weird dream about our fish, Fishy (of course). Tim and I were cleaning out his tank, and Tim left the top off, so Fishy jumped out and landed on the floor. Tim was brushing his teeth, and, against my protestations, used the toothbrush to pick Fishy up and put him back in the tank. (Wonder what Seinfeld would have to say about that.) Well, Fishy didn’t look so good after all of the excitement, and he was floating around all sideways, so I put in some fish food. When he started eating the food, he started growing, until he was too big for the tank. And he had teeth! And I remember saying in my dream, ‘This is so trippy.’


I’ve also been having nightmares about my upcoming high school reunion. There’s a running joke in my lifestyle program group that Classmates.com has a partnership with the company, just scaring the bejesus out of people by sending them e-mails about their high school reunions and thereby sending the people shrieking to their nearest weight-loss center.

In each of the nightmares, all of my high school classmates and I (some that I haven’t even thought about in 10 years) are stuck in some kind of weird situation that we can’t get out of. During the first dream, we were all on a bus together and everyone was mad at me for being late. Or was it the dream about the Paris train station? I think I mentioned that a while ago. Well, last night, I dreamt that we all had to produce a talent show, starring all of us. Oh, and it was directed by Peter Jackson. And there was some kind of kid with a developmental disability being cheered on by everyone. It’s all very confusing right now. And there were several of us to a bed, for some reason (although no hanky-panky was taking place, thank you very much).

Anyway, I think I have a little angst over my high school classmates’ expectations of me. Ya think?

But, and it’s amazing how life sometimes throws you a bone like this, this morning one of the LLL Leaders that I met last week called me out of the blue about another meeting. I had to decline to go to the meeting because it conflicted with my lifestyle program meeting, which led us to start talking about weight loss in general because she is a dietitian. I mentioned how I was having these odd feelings of detachment about losing 30 pounds — how it just doesn’t seem real to me at all. In fact, sometimes I feel like if I woke up tomorrow and I was 30 pounds heavier again, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. And then I mentioned that I really wanted to be close to my goal weight by my high school reunion. She cautioned me against setting a deadline, because that might prompt me to just go back to the way I was, once it was past. Good point. Plus, and this is the point of this long-winded story right here, life had also happened to them over the past ten years.

Hey, yeah. God, I love people.