What happened to spring?

This weekend, the weather was so beautiful. Saturday, Auggie and I played at Turtle Park while Tim helped our friend Chris with some plumbing issues (and saving Chris $1200 in the process). Sunday, we went for a 15-mile bike ride along the riverfront. It was practically April. Then, Mother Nature, the mercurial temptress that she is, pulled the rug out from under our feet this afternoon and the temperature went from 64 to 44 degrees in a matter of hours.


With all the shuttle tragedy-ness, I missed what the groundhog did yesterday. Kinda puts that whole groundhog thing in perspective, though, doesn’t it? Who cares if it’s cold or hot — at least I’m alive, right?

I still want it to be spring.

Now, we’re listening to the end of the Missouri-Kansas game via the Internet (no, we don’t have ESPN). Two minutes left, and Missouri’s in trouble. But this is how it goes every season. We lose in Kansas, then win in Missouri. It never fails. One thing I will not listen to is the blasted “Rock. Chalk. Jayhawk.” chant. It’s just creepy. It’s like line-dancing, but more sinister, you know?

Probably not.

Missouri is within 2 with a minute, 7 to go!

Anyway, I must go and bite my fingernails off now.

Go Tigers!