And still, the cold lingers on…

Tim played “bad cop” this morning and got me off of my duff for a workout. (Actually, he was very nice and supportive, but gently suggested that perhaps a workout might make me feel better than another nap.) I felt a ton better after sweating for 45 minutes, so, yay, Tim!

I was seriously bummed after weighing in yesterday only to find that I’d gained a pound and a half last week. Seeing as how I wasn’t really eating all that much (although I did consume a large number of comfort foods), I guess the lack of working out really caught up to me. Anyway, long story short: I’m feeling better, thank you, but not 100%. Somewhere around 85%, I’d say. And I made Tim take all of the Girl Scout cookies to work with him this morning for quick dispersal among his coworkers.

And, hey, world, I’m not all for wishing for anyone’s death, but if we could get this thing over with by using a few dozen Tomahawks, that would be great. Thanks.

And here’s hoping that our relatives in Denver are digging out from the 3 feet of snow they got today! (Hi Terri and Fred!) I suppose I shouldn’t mention that we spent the afternoon at the Zoo, hm? (I wore a sleeveless shirt…)