Tough, tough day in toddlerland today.

The weather is leaning towards the crappy side, so we didn’t get outside that much, and I didn’t have any errands to run, so we were pretty much home-bound today. I thought this would be fine, since we had schlepped Auggie to my hometown and back in a smidge over 24 hours, but even he was at the door saying, ‘Bye-bye? Bye-bye?’ most of the afternoon.

I should’ve just sucked it up and headed to the mall or something.

So we were both eyeing each other warily by the time Tim got home, and I sweetly asked him to watch August and make dinner whilst I completed a stress-relieving workout. Is my husband the best ever? You bet your sweet bottom he is!

Highlight of the past weekend: My grandmother made a childhood favorite — fried pies. For those of you that have not lived, these are individual-sized pie crusts, folded in half, filled with apples or apricots and then deep-fried. That’s it. No too-sweet icing or anything. I ate one, and suddenly I was ten again. It was heaven.