The Great Cold of 2003

So we’re headed back to the pediatrician again, since Auggie hasn’t been able to kick this cold, three weeks later. I must admit that I am still not 100% better yet. I’ve never had a cold hang on this long before.

Poor Auggie’s cough is just getting worse, though, so a doctor friend of ours recommended that we take him in to get a short round of antibiotics. My standard joke up until now has been that we have SARS, but that just isn’t funny anymore. That stuff is getting really scary.

Last night was a fun one, sitting around talking with friends, two of whom are very pregnant. I love trading war stories about our birth experiences. Of course, one of the moms-to-be is expecting her first, so I tried to dial it back a notch, as far as the whole “gut-wrenching pain of labor” thing goes. My standard joke in this situation is, ‘It sucked. I’m convinced that natural childbirth is nature’s population control.’

I need to stop with the standard jokes. How lazy am I as a conversationalist?