All hail the red pepper!

Oh my, life! Oh, my life! Oh my life!

All are applicable.

There are so many projects, so many lists, so many commitments! My brain has a hard time even getting itself around how much stuff there is to do, like, right now. And that’s not even counting fun things like blogging and reading and going to Grant’s Farm to feed the already-overfed baby goats.

A couple of my Derby highlights (to add to Tim’s excellent travelogue last week):

– Marc’s unexpected diatribe on the superiority of the red pepper over the green pepper. I heartily agree and am currently writing to my local government representatives about the abolishment of the green pepper immediately. All green peppers must remain on the plant until they are sufficiently red!

– Nearly walking out topless on my friend Kristin while she was playing with Auggie after an impromptu nap at our hotel. Thankfully, I thought to put on my shirt, as this was also the first time I had seen Kristin in nearly 2 years.

– Hearing Bob and Dave Berman playing Def Leppard at the (former) pinochle bar that is half a block from our old house.

Good times.