Everything old is new again

So I was about to write a lengthy lament about how my iBook had to be sent far, far away to be repaired after the untimely demise of its hard drive or processor or something major that was making me cry, when, all of a sudden, it was back! Very impressive, my Apple friends. I sent it out Airborne Express Friday evening and it was back by noon on Tuesday. Wow. I couldn’t have driven it out there any faster myself.

The only sadness that remains is that all of my iPhotos are gone (thankfully, they also reside here on this site and therefore our server), my iMovie (glad I never got motivated to do more than the one just yet. ESP? Surely.) and a handful of files that I only saved on the iBook.

Tim and I had a horrible moment, though, when we looked at each other and said, ‘I thought you backed it up.’ Needless to say, we will be backing up this new stuff religiously. Because, of course, the magical techs at Apple made my iBook new again, which means that I had to reinstall Jaguar and all of the various and sundry updates to software and such. Tim estimates that we downloaded about a half a gig of updates last night. Go, go, DSL!

Anyway, I will resume updating with the same predictable unpredictability from here on out.