The Daily News

I woke up this morning in Brooklyn.

No, that wasn’t a surprise, other than the fact that, ‘Hey! I’m waking up in Brooklyn!’

Just hanging out with my friend Jennie, walking around her neighborhood, eating a yummy sesame seed bagel with real cream cheese. Was I sad that I could only eat half? Yes and no.

Mom says all is well with Auggie. Tim is toiling away at work, paying for this trip (although I’ve only spent $30 thus far — yay, me! Yay, Jennie!). I’m having the best time in the world, just being with one of my oldest friends and soaking up the Brooklyn atmosphere…

Who wins? Just so you don’t feel too badly for my guys, when I called Mom this morning, she and Auggie were making homemade pancakes.

So that’s what’s up so far in NY.