Why you should never take a pregnancy test to make yourself feel better

It might be positive.


Sorry to hit you over the head like that, but that’s pretty much how Tim and I felt about a week and a half ago when we found out. I was a little late, starting to wonder what was up, and I said, ‘Just go and get me a pregnancy test and it will make me feel better when I know that it’s negative.’ It was 10 p.m.

That’s another thing you should never do — take a pregnancy test before bed so you’ll sleep better.

Once that second line popped up, there would be no sleep for several hours.

So, it seems that we’re pregnant.

And all of my friends are snickering to themselves because I’ve been so adamant about just having one child.

But two is good, right? We get to not make the same mistakes we made with the first one. Or something.

So that’s one reason that I’ve been so close-mouthed lately. I knew that I couldn’t keep just jabbering away about my trip to New York without suddenly typing “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M PREGNANT!”

So, yeah, if you are a friend who I have not told yet, I apologize that you are learning about this from my blog. Please know that I’ve wanted to tell you, but I’ve been too exhausted and/or queasy to lift the phone to my ear.

Hey, but now you’ve got nine months of super-fun kvetching about pains, bodily fluids and expanding body parts to look forward to! Fun!

Mark your calendars for July 4, 2004. Baby Clauss, round 2. This time, it’s personal.