Still kickin’

We’re still alive, I promise!

Nothing much to report, short of all of the usual Christmas goings-on. August is having no less than 6 separate Christmas celebrations this season, with the last of it finally taking place next Saturday.

So far, he is in choo-choo heaven, having received at least 3 different train sets from various relatives and Santa. The latter included a hand-made train table crafted by Daddy (pictures to come) and lots of wooden trains, track and accessories. Auggie is convinced — Santa rocks.

Everything else with the pregnancy is continuing apace. We went for a run yesterday morning for the first time in over 2 months. I think we finished a little over 2 hilly miles, and it was good, for a while. Today, I feel like I am paying the price. Sore legs, exhausted, weird twinge in my right side… The hypochondriac in me is wondering exactly how they handle appendicitis in pregnant women.

Tim got me a bunch of maternity clothes for Christmas. I desperately needed them (as I sold everything from the first time, not that it would have fit now anyway), but still felt like crying. I said, ‘Who ever thought that I would need maternity clothes again?!’ I guess I’m still adjusting.

My waistline is expanding rapidly, although at 13 weeks, I think that I’ve only gained about 5 pounds. All of my skinny pants and skirts are hanging in the closet, looking forlorn. My belts taunt me. Thank goodness that I kept some of my too-big jeans for a craft project. I’ve actually had something to wear besides sweat pants for the past few weeks.

The nausea has nearly disappeared, but occasionally it comes back to remind me of how good I’ve got it now. I’m left wondering what else this baby has in store for me…

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